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The Practice

Dr. Paul J. Risner specializes in chiropractic care, acupuncture, and wellness. Dr. Risner is a chiropractic physician committed to providing pain relief for many symptoms and conditions so that patients can experience a higher quality of life, using the latest innovative technique – specific prone: a light, gentle, and comfortable technique with outstanding results allowing for the treatment of patients of all ages.

At Risner Rehabilitation, we care. Your condition is something we would like to treat and possibly reverse. Chiropractic care is also: preventative care safe for ALL AGES.

Meet the Team

Risner Rehabilitation is a small, organized, and personal office. We are here to serve you! 1 doctor, and 1 assistant. No need to deal with wait lists or multiple doctors.

Dr. Paul J. Risner, DC

Paul J. Risner, D.C. is a graduate of the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL and a Graduate of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. With a commitment to excellence and dedication to continuing medical education, Dr. Risner has been a licensed physician since 1992.

Rosita Rice, CA

Rosita is our AMAZING Chiropractic Assistant. Rosita handles all of the billing, insurance, appointment scheduling, and therapy treatments.


Chiropractic FAQs


Is Chiropractic treatment appropriate for children?

A study conducted in 2015 found that there were no adverse side effects linked to pediatric chiropractic adjustments. When performed by a licensed chiropractor, adjustments for children are safe, gentle, and effective. As children grow, their bodies change. Chiropractors understand this and will adjust the child’s treatment plan based on their health needs and changes in their physiology and anatomy.


Is Chiropractic treatment ongoing?

Chiropractic is hands-on. The nature of this practice generally requires patients to keep coming back for adjustments. Some clients do weekly, biweekly, and even multiple times per week depending on the condition.

We recommend that patients come in on a weekly basis to maintain mobility and align the spinal column.


Can I see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?

Many pregnant women find that chiropractic adjustments improve the pregnancy experience and make delivery easier. Adjustments are adapted to accommodate the stage of pregnancy and the unique needs of each patient. In general, Chiropractic care is safe for most pregnancies, unless you have vaginal bleeding for unknown reasons, preeclampsia, or are at risk of premature labor.

Janet O.

"Dr. Risner is an Excellent Chiropractor. I have been in his care for about 6 years. He is always keeping up with the latest techniques In order to give his clients the Best Care. I have recommended him to several people. I can always count on him to assist in My Healing. He’s Great!! Everyone should include Chiropractic in their Healthcare Protocol."

Cris D.

"Dr. Risner is phenomenal in his practice and has great people skills. He has really made me feel at home during my visits. Rosita is also very helpful and kind during my visits. They both encourage you to ask any questions you may have . Overall very friendly and welcoming. Definitely recommend for your chiropractic needs."

Kathy M.

"Dr. Risner saved me from needing a knee replacement three years ago! Professional , experienced chiropractic care in a clean friendly environment. Also , has availability in morning, afternoon and early evening hours as a walk in. LOVE not having to make an appointment . I can stop in at MY convenience."

Chiro Facts

The First Chiropractic Patient

The first chiropractic patient was treated in 1895. Dr. D.D. Palmer performed the first chiropractic spinal adjustment on his deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. Lillard’s hearing returned and Palmer thought he had discovered a cure for deafness. But as patients with digestive troubles, sciatica, menstrual trouble, migraines, epilepsy, heart problems, back pain, and many other conditions responded to spinal care, Palmer realized he had discovered something more far-reaching indeed.

Vertebral Subluxation

The doctor of chiropractic analyzes your body for vertebral subluxation, a severe form of spine and nerve stress, by using his/her hands and other analysis tools, and then corrects or removes any spinal nerve stress using various spinal adjustment techniques.

Subluxations come from stress. It may occur in infancy from a difficult or from childhood falls. Later in life, emotional tension or stress can gradually damage your spine or violent injuries from automobile accidents, sports, or work can suddenly knock you “out of whack.”

Nearly everyone eventually gets spinal nerve stress and is affected by subluxations. It is a “hidden epidemic” and therefore we need to have our spines checked for this condition every once in a while, just as we get our eyes, teeth, and blood pressure checked!

Spinal Adjustment

Chiropractors perform treatments by working with the bones and nerves of the spinal column and spinal cord respectively. Chiropractors spend years of highly specialized training in order to locate where misplaced spinal vertebrae are impinging the nerves which travel down the spinal cord and out through the spinal column to the muscles, organs, and glands of the body. After locating the vertebrae impinging the nerves (subluxations) the chiropractor is able to replace the misplaced vertebrae and thus release pressure on the nerves. This is called a spinal adjustment.

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